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Stop compiling lease analysis reports; Start using Ten Eight

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money,” but how much is your time really worth if you’re not spending it as efficiently as possible?
Ten Eight is a mobile web app (available from iPhone, iPad, Android and Android Tablet) designed to help streamline the office leasing process from start to finish. Ten Eight allows for the creation of virtual, interactive tourbooks of buildings. It uses a 10-point rating system based off of eight different sets of criteria, like the building’s location and unique features, to come up with a composite score to assess its overall appeal. Users can also compare buildings side-by-side to get a better picture of what the best deal is.

While the app itself is free to use, it calls for a subscription to the service, which comes at a cost of $50 per month for individual users. There is also an “Enterprise Option,” made available only for teams, where each organization is assessed on its own to determine the final cost of the subscription per person.

Overall, Ten Eight is designed to make the lives of brokers, building owners and their clients as easy as possible by automating tasks that once required an extensive amount of work, like compiling updated lease analysis reports, for example.


According to the Ten Eight website, the app assists the following real estate professionals in the following ways:

Tenant Rep Brokers

  • Engage clients from start to finish
  • Interactive online war room to keep clients organized
  • Automate the collection of property information for initial surveys
  • Produce electronic or paper tour books in minutes
  • Take photos on tour, access building information, and take property notes
  • Rate buildings for systematic approach of choosing short list

Landlord Brokers

  • Automate leasing activity reports
  • Update all listing availabilities on just one platform
  • Mirror owner’s current reports
  • Market directly to tenant rep brokers
  • Deliver marketing flyers and floor plans from any device, at any time
  • Produce market analytics

Building Owners

  • Real-time access to leasing activity, deal status and deal documents
  • Online war room for all deal specific information
  • Review building analytics along with market analytics

We really like the product Ten Eight has built and can really see it gaining traction in the marketplace. To learn more, refer to this exclusive interview with Co-Founder/CEO Patrick Braswell featured on The News Funnel.

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