Stop Syncing, Start Connecting, and Convert Leads with AgentNow

How you manage your contacts is mission-critical for a real estate agent. It's no wonder that the technology tools developed to aid real estate agents center around communications. We now have voice tools, email, customer relationship management systems (CRMs), contact databases, social media management, and so much more. In their pitches, many platforms talk about syncing and integrating with other service providers. But, what if you didn't need to sync or integrate–it was all there? Now it can be, with AgentNow. The self-described “swiss army knife of communication,” AgentNow delivers all the necessary tools in one place.

What is AgentNow?

Yes, AgentNow is a VOIP and SIP capable service working 24/7 to answer calls. But that’s just the start. AgentNow is an advanced cloud-based communications system that ensures agents can quickly respond to existing customers and new leads. It has a CRM, email, scheduling, notes, and more, under a single system.

“We want AgentNow to be the fastest way for you to get all your essential work done. That’s an ambitious goal, we know. But that’s a big part of our mission: create tools to help people design beautiful communication,” writes AgentNow on its website.

What makes AgentNow unique?

Stop logging into multiple platforms. Besides managing a database and sending text messages, AgentNow includes a slew of amazing tools to help real estate agents work efficiently. With this system, real estate agents can:

Track tasks, marking things in progress or as complete

Manage contacts and team databases

Work as a CRM without syncing to multiple systems

Send SMS & MMS messages to individuals or groups

Create email marketing templates for campaigns

Display all contact communications in a timeline

In short, Agent Now offers small business total communications management. The software blends voice, email, CRM, databases, and scheduling into a single, simple system.

AgentNow Advantages

Flexibility is vital for real estate agents. That's why AgentNow's model can adjust to a real estate brokerage’s needs. It grows with your business, giving you the freedom to scale up or scale down without being locked into a contract. Furthermore, you're using the same platform you already know for voice calls, video conferencing, chats, and more. Skip the training on multiple services. Plus, you don’t need to worry about uploading or downloading lists from several sources to keep your databases current.

How to use AgentNow

Real estate brokers or agents interested in giving AgentNow a trial run can sign up for the free 30-day trial. Once you fall in love with how AgentNow streamlines your workflow, its services start at an affordable $7 a month.Defeat the clutter, streamline your real estate business, and spend more time focusing on delivering your clients the attention they deserve with AgentNow.

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