Storefront Revolutionizes Short-Term Rental Market

While e-commerce has completely revolutionized the way in which many people shop and entrepreneurs conduct business, a large amount of sales are still conducted offline. Not every fledgling shop requires a tremendous amount of space, however. In fact, when a new shop is being launched, it's quite common for the shop owner to only require a small amount of space. Renting a large amount of space can be counterproductive and exorbitantly expensive. Furthermore, the shop owner may only need the space on a short-term basis.

New Trend Toward Pop-up Shops in Retail Sector

Pop-up shops have become an increasingly popular solution, providing a low-risk, low-cost method to help business owners get their merchandise in front of real customers. As a result, shop owners are able to sell more merchandise than with online advertising only. Even better, they are able to do so at an affordable price. Storefront is now tapping into that trend by revolutionizing the short-term rental market.

According to the firm, business owners typically find that their online sales expand following a pop-up event. Due to its affordability, pop-up events are often planned on a monthly basis by many brands as a way to boost their sales and awareness.

Storefront makes planning such events easier by providing temporary rentals in highly sought-after neighborhoods that receive a large amount of foot traffic and visibility. As a result, business owners can be assured of maximum exposure for their events.


How Storefront Works to Help Brands Find the Right Size Space

Since finding the right space is vital to the success of such an event, Storefront gives users the ability to search for and find spaces that meet their specific criteria. Recognizing that online listing information only tells part of the story, Storefront also gives users the ability to contact space owners to ask questions and obtain more information in order to determine if a particular space is right for their needs. Users even have the ability to work one-on-one with space owners in order to negotiate the price of a space. Storefront is available to provide advice to help along the way and provides insurance to give users even more peace of mind. Liability insurance is naturally an important concern of any business owner hosting an event to be attended by the public. With the complimentary $1 million general liability insurance policy provided by Storefront, this is one thing that business owners do not have to be concerned about when planning a pop-up event.

A variety of types of spaces is made available on Storefront, ranging from entire stores to parts of stores. Users can also choose from event spaces, fairs, cafes, lots, and more. Storefront retail professionals work to verify each listing, eliminating the potential for unwarranted surprises.

Business owners will find that fees for renting a space via Storefront are quite affordable. In fact, it's possible to open a shop for as little as $150 per day.

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