Take a Breather and Find a Space to Recharge, Collaborate, or Work without Distraction

In today's tech-driven, chaotic world, it has become increasingly difficult to get away and find a quiet space in which to recharge or even work without distraction. Now, a new company is meeting that need by providing the opportunity to book practical, peaceful spaces on an as-needed basis. Breather allows you to find a space of your own and reserve it for any length of time. The network's private spaces can be reserved for a brief 30-minute recharge or up to an entire day to allow for ample uninterrupted productivity.

How Breather Works

All that is needed to access Breather is a smartphone. Users are able to reserve a space and then unlock the door using a unique PIN code upon arrival. Once a space is booked, users can make themselves at home for as long as they need. If a user determines that he or she needs to stay a bit longer, it's even possible to extend a stay. After each booking, Breather sends its cleaning staff to clean rooms, ensuring they are ready for the next user.

Along with finding a space to work without distraction or recharge, Breather users may also opt to use available spaces to conduct private meetings with clients or even collaborate with colleagues. Breather spaces are also ideal for hosting events or studying with classmates. As an innovative solution to the hospitality industry, Breather makes it possible to book spaces quickly and easily on the go. In many ways, Breather is an office solution to Airbnb.

Property owners are able to benefit from the network by generating income from underused spaces. Since each property is individually owned and operated, hours do vary from one property to another. For this reason, only select properties are available on weekends via Breather. Amenities also vary from location to location but typically include notepads, pens, pencils, Wi-Fi, and candy. Some locations also feature murals, dry erase boards, and more.

Security Enforced in All Spaces

While users are basically free to do whatever they would like when booking a space on Breather, the company does maintain some rules. Basically, the company encourages users to avoid any type of activity that they would not do in their own office. There is a zero tolerance policy for any illegal or inappropriate activity, and the company reserves the right to charge additional fees for the costs surrounding such incidents.

In order to ensure security, the door is locked after a user accesses a Breather space using his or her unique PIN code. The PIN code will remain valid during the entire length of the stay, giving occupants the opportunity to leave and re-enter the space during their stay, provided they bring their phone so that they can re-enter the PIN code.

The company is growing rapidly and already features spaces in such cities as Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Breather also has been featured in a number of publications.

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