Ten Eight: Yelp for Office Buildings

We've all conducted office space tours with 10 different company officers in tow: the COO, the IT guy, the head of HR and the lunch lady. (Why is she here?? Ooohh, she's the CEO's mother-in-law's niece.)
Everyone likes different buildings for different reasons.

The COO wants covered parking, IT is looking for a bunker with raised floors, HR is scoping out the file cabinet space potential, and Gabbie the lunch lady wants a cushy bathroom to kickback in after Taco Tuesdays.

Never before were these preferences able to be quantified. With Ten Eight's mobile web app, now you can.

From the Ten Eight website:

Ten Eight is a groundbreaking mobile web app that allows tenants and brokers the ability to rate office buildings while on tour and compare scores side by side based on a person's chosen weighted preferences. The design of the app captures live data from tours and sets out to revolutionize the way tenants, brokers, and landlords make commercial real estate decisions.

Ten Eight turns subjective feedback into objective data meant for decision making. Users can have confidence that they have made an educated, systematic, and collaborative decision based on measurable data.

Ten Eight tracks Individual Scores, Group Scores, and entire Brokerage Company Scores, without compromising the identity of each client. Gain access to powerful data analytics with our Pro Version and discover what motivates tenants in the marketplace and how buildings have rated over time.

To be able to tell your client you can arm them with an application which will help to quell messy boardroom (or lunchroom??) debates would be impressive. For this reason, I expect that Ten Eight will soon be a part of every office tenant rep's app toolbox.

Hat tip to Chase Pursley for the suggestion.

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