TenantCloud: Free Cloud-Based Service That Benefits Both Landlords and Tenants

While it seems as if new solutions that benefit either landlords or tenants pop up all the time, there has not really been anything outstanding for both parties until the launch of TenantCloud. This cloud-based service is truly one of a kind, making daily activities and living easier and more enjoyable.

TenantCloud, which is 100 percent free, provides landlords and tenants with personal portals through which rental properties are marketed, rental information is stored, online rental payments are made and received, and maintenance requests are sent. The portals also open up communication. In addition, this amazing service is used for uploading and storing photographs taken of properties before and after move-in.

Unrivaled Benefits

For tenants who are interested in renting a certain property, TenantCloud is the ideal method for sharing necessary information. This allows property owners to review references on previously rented homes, among other things, quickly and efficiently. With a streamlined rental process, people find it much simpler to get settled into a new home.

At the same time, TenantCloud is highly beneficial for landlords. With this service, owners and property managers of apartment buildings and homes have a much easier time screening applicants, ensuring that the right people are approved. Using this service, a landlord can learn critical details about applicants from a background check, address history, Social Security Number validation, national criminal search, and even a sex offender list and terrorist watch list.

With TenantCloud, a potential tenant completes the application process online, which requires sharing sensitive information. The property owner pays a nominal screening service fee, prompting the prospect via email to provide authorization. Next, the applicant logs into his or her account, completes all necessary fields, and hits the “submit” button. Not only is the site highly encrypted for security purposes, details provided by the applicant are forwarded to Checkr as opposed to being stored with the TenantCloud service.

Once the screening has been authorized, the property owner is notified, along with a message that the official report is pending. Once the report is ready, a second email including all of the pertinent information on the applicant is sent. At that point, the landlord can make an informed decision.

Up to 75 individual properties can be managed with this service. Beyond handling tenant issues, TenantCloud provides landlords with a personal listing website, which is ideal for showcasing properties. With this service, property owners also find it easier to stay on top of maintenance requests.

The free accounting system automatically charges late fees and invoices. Virtually all important accounting is handled and maintained in one location, including utilities, rent payments, commissions, and more. Yet another benefit is that a landlord can use TenantCloud whenever a rental or financial report is needed.

The hassles of applying for a rental property and finding the right tenant are finally over thanks to TenantCloud. This all-inclusive service is not only extremely easy to use, it is completely safe and saves both parties money.








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