TenantCloud Streamlines Accounting Process for Landlords

For landlords, the process of managing a property can involve a number of responsibilities. Among the most important of those responsibilities is the accounting process. Even a small mistake can put the health of a property management business at risk. TenantCloud is now making it much easier for landlords to handle the accounting aspect of property management.

A free end-to-end cloud-based service, TenantCloud is designed to streamline the accounting process for residential and commercial property rentals. The service works by providing personal portals for tenants and landlords. Those portals can be used for collecting and paying rent online, as well as performing a variety of other functions, including communicating, posting market vacancies, and much more.

Property Management Made Easier with TenantCloud

One of the most common complaints that many tenants have about rental properties is a lack of response from landlords when it comes to maintenance requests. TenantCloud makes it much easier for this process to be managed efficiently by providing the ability to send as well as track maintenance requests. Now, landlords do not need to worry about missing maintenance requests, and tenants can be assured that their requests are received and handled in a timely manner.

When a tenant is ready to move in or out of a property, TenantCloud makes it easy to post pictures to ensure that the condition of a property is well documented. Landlords can rest assured that they are able to collect retain damage deposits in the event of an incident, while tenants can be assured that they are not held responsible for the actions of someone else.

TenantCloud also includes a number of other impressive features, including enabling tenants and landlords to communicate in a single and easily tracked space. This helps ensure that if there are ever any questions regarding the interaction between a tenant and landlord, everything can be easily proven.

With the ability of tenants to pay rent online for free and for landlords to track payments, there never needs to be a question of whether a tenant has actually paid his or her rent. Previously, landlords and property managers often struggled with trying to track payments, especially when questions of checks being lost in the mail arose. Automated payment tracking helps landlords and property managers keep their fingers on the pulse of what is going on with their businesses and respond accordingly.

Since market vacancies can also be posted via TenantCloud, property managers and landlords can fill vacancies with fewer delays.

Applicable for Service Professionals Looking to Expand Their Businesses

The service also offers benefits for service professionals by giving them the ability to locate new customers online and grow their businesses much faster than they would ordinarily be able to do. This can be accomplished by creating a business profile and enhancing brand reputation.

TenantCloud is available at absolutely no cost to sign up. All it takes is a few clicks for users to register and get started using the service.


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