TenSource: A Better Way To Broker

TenSource is an innovative, easy-to-use and (most importantly) free app designed to simplify the lives of tenant and landlord brokers as much as possible. The site draws from a database of office, retail and industrial listings that are submitted by brokers. Users need only to enter in their desired criteria for a property in terms of location, asking rent and square footage, etc. to pare down a list of potential candidates before choosing the best fit.
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Overall, TenSource benefits landlord and tenant reps in the following ways:

Landlord Brokers:

  • Increased visibility for listings
  • A direct pipeline for deals
  • The ability to selectively pitch deals off the market space to a prequalified list of potential tenants

Tenant Brokers:

  • A multitude of listing options
  • Improved client relations as deals are completed faster
  • Access to off the market properties that would have been otherwise inaccessible

More specifically, the site offers a variety of features that should serve to peak the interest of members of the above parties, including:

  • A streaming “deal ticker” that broadcasts listings to all site users
  • An organized, verified broker directory complete with accurate contact information
  • The ability to track the activity on specific listings

tensource 3 tensource 4 

The creators of TenSource are also currently at work on an analytics framework that should serve to make the site even more intuitive than it is already. Simply put, regardless of the advanced analytics, if you’re a tenant or landlord rep, you cannot afford not to at least give TenSource a shot (after all, it’s free!). The only glaring drawback of the app is that it’s only currently available in New York City. But, rest assured, with enough of a push, you could see TenSource coming to a market near you sometime soon.

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