The 5 Best Real Estate Tech Tools

In the last few years, the real estate industry has experienced an explosion of new tools that make it easier and faster to conduct business. Below are five of the best tech tools for real estate professionals.

1. TransactionDesk

In any real estate transaction, there will naturally be a massive amount of documentation. In the past, trying to maintain such documentation in traditional manila folders could be a hassle. TransactionDesk makes it possible to manage all of the files related to leases, sales, and listings in a convenient online form. Not only are digital forms easier to manage but they are also more ecofriendly. In addition to providing a complete file history, TransactionDesk also provides comprehensive visibility from any device with Internet capability. Real estate professionals can also take advantage of contact, task, and calendar management features on TransactionDesk. For more information check out this webinar.

2. Instanet Forms

Forget simply scanning existing forms. Instanet Forms is the first real estate forms service available for use on tablet devices, such as the iPad. Operating completely online, this tools makes it easy to edit forms on the go. There are absolutely no restrictions. Users can even take advantage of copy and paste function. A clause library is made available to provide users with convenient access to standard contract language and provisions. Forms developed on Instanet Forms can be printed, emailed, and faxed. Users are notified whenever their forms are accessed or signed.

3. KeyMe

Whether the property in question is residential or commercial, there is often a need to copy keys for agents and brokers. The problem is that doing so can compromise security. With KeyMe, real estate professionals are able to copy and distribute keys in a secure manner without the need to leave their office. This tool uses an iPhone app for scanning keys into a smartphone. The scanned file can then be uploaded to a secure database and a new key will be cut and transmitted to designated recipients within three to five business days. KeyMe kiosks are now becoming increasingly available in select cities, providing users with the ability to scan and print keys without the need to wait.

4. Floored

Taking advantage of virtual tour capabilities, Floored gives users the ability to tour properties before they are even constructed. Ideal for use by brokers, agents, and developers, this revolutionary tool helps real estate professionals to understand and even represent a space while it is still in the planning phase or while still under construction. Rather than being limited strictly to a flat rendering, Floored makes it possible to actually move through a space, albeit virtually.

5. DocBox

Taking cloud storage a step further, DocBox provides real estate professionals with convenient document management, including the ability to access important documents from any location in the world at any time. Thanks to the capabilities provided by DocBox, real estate professionals are able to convert documents to PDF files and then email them directly to clients and even print practically anything from their computer directly to any fax machine.

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