The Hottest Tech Tools Set to Change Real Estate

With a plethora of new tech tools on already on the market or on the horizon, the real estate industry is set to be transformed in the near future. Below, we take a closer look at three of the hottest tech tools that could completely transform the way business is done in the real estate industry.


Among the most eagerly awaited tools was the smart watch from Apple. In fact, speculation regarding the impact of the new tech tool on the real estate industry ran so rampant that a number of developers had apps ready to go for launch day. Firms such as Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow were just a few of the real estate tech leaders who planned to be ahead of the curve by providing their users with the convenience provided by the watch. Although sales of the watch have not been as robust as expected, it can no longer be denied that the wearables market has the potential to completely transform the real estate industry. Many of the wearables slated to hit the market could make tremendous inroads in terms of enhancing the productivity and performance of real estate investors and agents. Make no mistake, the wearables market is set to explode. Beyond smart watches, numerous other products are hitting the market, including smart bands and Google Glass, all of which have virtually unlimited potential applications for the real estate industry.


Recently, the FAA released a streamlined approval process that allows for the commercial use of drones. Since then, both owners and operators of drones have witnessed a dramatic increase in the use of drones within the real estate industry. It is anticipated that use of drones in a commercial sense could take place on a much larger scale sometime within the next year. Unmanned aerial systems could have a tremendous impact on the real estate industry, particularly in terms of assisting real estate professionals in marketing properties using methods that were once simply too cost-prohibitive. For instance, aerial video and photography could prove to be an added value offered by real estate professionals to their clients. Agents could also use drone technology to create compelling listings designed to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of prospective buyers.


What if you could turn any surface into a touchscreen? It might sound a bit futuristic, but if so then the future is already here with TouchPico. Launched last year, this mobile hand-held device features a special camera that allows you to convert any surface into a giant display. Among the most important potential advantages for real estate professionals is the ability of TouchPico to allow users to make presentations in small venues without the need to rely on in-house sets at each individual location. If you're tired of lugging around equipment with you between locations, TouchPico could be an incredible additional to your arsenal of tools, giving you the ability to be more efficient and productive in virtually any location.

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