The RRD Launches Features to Make Real Estate Management Easier


While real estate can be a lucrative business, managing real estate can be time-consuming and complex. The RRD has recently launched a vast array of tools to make it much easier for property owners to manage their real estate assets. An integrated suite of solutions makes it possible for property owners and managers to do everything from screen prospective tenants to post property listings.

With this suite of tools, managers and owners are able to take advantage of a bundle of services in one convenient location. Since services are bundled together in packages, even smaller landlords can take advantage of the tools they need while enjoying a tremendous value.

Screening and Marketing Tools

One of the most common challenges faced by many landlords, especially small landlords, is the ability to legally pull screening reports for prospective tenants. Now, landlords can quickly and easily pull the screening reports they need to make an informed decision when reviewing prospective tenants without wasting time or money. The tenant screening features leverage streamlined technology to provide comprehensive data for employment screening, incident reporting, and more to deliver immediate results.

Property owners can also take advantage of industry-leading marketing tools. With these tools, owners and managers can market their listings online while simultaneously promoting their brand. This can prove to be vitally important in highly competitive markets in which landlords need to gain as much exposure as possible. With more and more prospective tenants turning to the Internet to search for available properties, the ability to market properties online can be a tremendous benefit.

Innovative Payment Collection Services

Payment acceptance services make it possible for landlords to provide their tenants with even greater convenience. For instance, with this feature, landlords can more easily accept credit card payments. This feature even makes it possible to obtain a check guarantee and avoid the risk of having a payment bounce. Checks can be accepted in the same way as a debit card. If the check is approved, the landlord receives funds in the same way as if he or she cashed the check at the bank. The result is a fast and secure payment method. The RRD also makes it possible to capture remote deposits by allowing tenants to pay their rent by simply scanning their check into an electronic deposit that posts to the landlord's bank account within 48 hours.

Landlords can also utilize a unique merchant cash advance program feature that allows property owners to leverage their future sales and receive an advance of up to $2 million. This feature can prove to be beneficial when landlords are facing a cash flow crunch or need to make property improvements but do not wish to take out a traditional loan.

The RRD was created specifically to assist anyone in property management or real estate by offering everything needed in one convenient site, providing significant time and money saving benefits.


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