The Spacio App: Tracking and Following up on Open House Leads More Efficiently

If you are searching for a more efficient way to track and follow up on open house leads, the Spacio web-based and iOS app could be exactly what you need. As a real estate broker, you know all too well the importance of foot traffic for certain listings. At the same time, you want assurance that your agents understand the proper way to show properties. One solution entails putting novice and seasoned agents together when hosting open houses. With Spacio, you now have something else to consider.

Although there are benefits to pairing agents, the challenge is being able to track all the comings and goings for each open house. Even the best real estate agent forgets to follow up with everyone who showed up to view a house. Other times, the sign-in sheet containing important contact information accidentally gets misplaced. When these scenarios arise, huge opportunities for closing deals are missed.

To prevent problems from arising, you should consider using Spacio. Especially for some of the biggest problems associated with open houses, this app works incredibly well. As a management system for brokers and team leaders, Spacio gives managers accessibility to real-time tracking of open house foot traffic, making follow-up more efficient.

Managers of a Real Estate Firm

Spacio helps people work smarter. For instance, this app provides unlimited agent reporting in real-time; statistics for the total number of open houses based on the agent, team, and office; and a visitor sign-in screen that can be branded. Other benefits specific to real estate firm managers involve tracking the number of hours that agents spend at different open houses, the names of agents that host open houses, and the number of leads, as well as lead quality.

Sales Agents

Spacio is also an excellent application for real estate agents. This app is designed to work offline, which is great when showing homes with poor internet connections. It can also automate and customize follow-up emails, add six stock or customized questions for flushing out leads, and provide a custom link to your marketing materials for preregistered visitors. Of course, there are additional benefits specifically for agents, such as autosync lead information, PDF reports, and testimonial showcasing.

Visitors of Open Houses

Even for the people who come to your open houses, Spacio is amazing. For the sake of privacy, visitors can be assigned a unique Spacio email account, have access to agents’ testimonials, and use the app with support for several foreign languages, including Chinese.

The Bottom Line

For key players involved with open houses, Spacio makes things simpler yet more effective. Because this mobile app is still in its first year of development, a number of enhancements are anticipated soon. However, even as the app is now, it makes the process of tracking and following up on open house leads much easier. Overall, your open houses will be more organized, giving you a better opportunity for obtaining solid leads.

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