theBrokerList: Swiss Army Knife for CRE Pros

Most aptly described as a B2B Swiss Army Knife for modern real estate professionals, theBrokerList (tBL) is a dynamic, collaborative and interactive platform where legitimate commercial real estate information is exchanged and legitimate commercial real estate deals are completed. Perhaps best described using the words of tBL founder, Linda Day Harrison, the site provides a comprehensive toolset to help all members within its fast-growing community to:

  • Easily be found by other brokers, investors and allCRE professionals;
  • Quickly find other broker specialists in numerous markets;
  • Do more and better deals with a growing network of verified brokers;
  • Discover and work with qualified product and service providers;
  • Communicate, collaborate and elevate the quality of your expanding contact base


tBL places a heavy influence on the quality of its network above all else, carefully vetting prospective members to sort out the real brokers from the frauds, starting with the requirement of having new applicants register using their business email address.

Once an applicant is accepted into the tBL community, they set up a Professional Profile. Along with displaying their credentials, they have the option to list their “Haves,” Wants,” and “Previous Transactions,” so that any other tBL member viewing their profile instantly has clearer picture of who the person is and whether or not they’re someone they’d like to do business with.


The site also does a great job using social media outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to help its community broadcast messages and connect, and each member is set up with their own RSS feed as well to automatically supply them with various sources of pertinent information.

Members can also search the tBL network to create a “Broker List,” based off of a set of qualifiers like company, geographic location and specific areas of concentration, to name a few, allowing them to conduct in-depth research on who will be able to offer them the best deal, or if they’re scouting a specific area to cultivate relationships in for future business.

Aside from providing a venue that helps facilitate actual real estate transactions, tBL also supplies an environment that promotes active discussion through its prolific commercial real estate blog, which features daily posts from high profile names from all around the industry.

Overall, tBL is a platform made for brokers to establish connections and grow their professional networks as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Since the majority of commercial sales deals are done with brokers and principals from outside, not local markets, tBL is an essential resource for brokers looking to give themselves increased visibility by joining a community of established peers that is streamlined to promote interaction and foster healthy business relationships.

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