Tired of cutting and pasting emails? Try ToutApp

Ever feel like you resend the same email over and over all week when you get a new listing? Want to know if your email was read or a link was clicked?
Tout coordinates and streamlines your emails with templates and allows you to schedule and track them, too.

From the developer's AppStore description:

ToutApp lets you:

Create email templates (even with file attachments) on your desktop computer
Send out these templated emails quickly right from your iPhone
See in real-time whether the person has Viewed or Clicked on your Email
And even Schedule when you'd like your Email delivered.

I've used this app for several months now and it does everything it promises. While the idea for the app is very simple, its execution is fantastic. It is very easy to use, whether I'm at my desk or on my iPhone.

Answering repetitive questions or pitching new business using this app is a breeze. Before finding Tout, I would cut and paste prior emails to save time. But, after doing so, I'd find that the original formatting was lost. Or worse, I'd re-read the email and find that I had misspelled a word or made a grammatical error after making a small tweak.

By using Tout's templates, I am able to avoid these pitfalls and save time sending repetitive emails.

Download this app: iPhone

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