Toor Today Updates Smart Lockboxes

It’s time to move past the traditional code-based smart lockbox for real estate agents. Toor Today uses Bluetooth and cellular capabilities to customize who can see the property and when access is available. The product is ideal for residential and commercial real estate agents, contractors, appraisers, property managers, and bank officials to keep properties secure. Its benefits:

Monitor who can access the property

Restrict access to scheduled showing times

Receive real-time notifications of buyers wanting a showing and screen them ahead of time

How It Works

Toor remotely locks and unlocks from a distance using cellular and Bluetooth technology. Protect the property by programming approved showing dates and times. Toor won’t open outside of those approved times, helping sellers feel secure. Toor users can opt to remotely unlock or lock the box using the downloadable app.

Toor Features

The Toor lockbox is compact and weighs only 1.5 pounds. Its hardened steel and zinc alloy discourage tampering. The removable and brandable skins resist weathering and rusting. Toor provides a rechargeable battery and customizable skins to match branding. Dual LED lights illuminate the key compartment while the display notifies users of their status. The RFID technology tracks keys.

Control Toor from its app, available on Apple and Android devices. Agents can search available properties, listing information, and get directions. The profile provides credibility, verifying a user’s identity using government-issued ID. Users can schedule showings, view profiles of potential buyers, read property reviews and open lockboxes all in one easy-to-use mobile device. The Toor app sends real-time notifications on incoming and outgoing showing appointments.

Benefits of Toor

Designed by a real estate agent, Toor updates the smart lockbox into a modern, sleek device using the latest innovation in smart technology. Sellers remain in control of who can access the property at all times and can use Toor to pre-screen interested parties. There is no need to share lockbox codes, which can be compromised. Toor can be placed on doors, sheds, railings, and more. Toor lockboxes can be used for commercial and residential real estate.








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