Top 6 Technologies to Boost Energy Efficiency

Environmentally conscious practices are increasingly important to consumers. When it comes to everything from construction techniques to building management, new technologies are answering their demands. Modern innovations are helping industry professionals produce more efficient spaces that save money. Certain upgrades are paving the way for increasing energy cost savings.

#1. Smart Home Technologies

The ability to link devices to sensors and monitoring software allows property managers and homeowners to better track their energy output. Real-time data on temperature and humidity, occupancy, and lighting systems shows the most expensive areas in a space. When linked to wireless sensors that can automate output, the smart appliances improve energy efficiency.

#2. Heat Pump Systems

Keeping a space warm in the cool months has been one of the top expenses for homeowners and commercial tenants. New heat pump technology improves how spaces are kept warm by improving burner efficiency. The latest in low-cost gas heat pumps reduce heating costs by 30-45%. Another highly efficient heating method is geothermal-based systems, which are gaining traction in some areas. All of these methods aim to reduce the environmental impact from oil and gas use.

#3. Advanced Window Controls

Windows are a major pain point for heat loss or gain. While dual pane and low-e coatings have improved window efficiency, technology is continuously pushing forward with new ideas. Developments in insulated windows use sensors to monitor available sunlight and time of day, ensuring proper lighting while adjusting shading automatically.

#4. Improved LED Lighting

LEDs are continuously improving to provide better light for less energy output. Expect LED efficiency to double and their lifespan to improve thanks to continued research and development.

#5. Cool Roofing

Especially in warmer climates, inefficient roofs leach precious air conditioning causing units to work harder to keep a space cool. Working with the concept that lighter colors reflect light and heat, a cool roof bounces both away from the building, which can lower air conditioning costs.

#6. Smart Power Strips

These devices are the garlic to vampire appliances--those plugged in but turned off or charged. Smart power trips track supply and demand. They cut off power supply to devices not in use, reducing wasted electricity use.

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