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Track and Protect Your Important Files with Prot-On

Prot-On is an app that allows users to track and protect all of their important files on their computers and mobile devices. The app comes in three different versions (Free/Premium/Corporate) and is available for all Mac/Windows/Android/iOS devices.

Prot-On protects files by using a strong encryption, without storing the actual documents themselves. Using Prot-On, real estate professionals can control exactly who has access to their documents and can also monitor the specific interactions of other users with each individual document. According to its website, Prot-On is perfect for use in a professional setting because it allows managers to:

  • Control and manage users along with protected documents within the organization
  • Track document activity and manage permissions for users inside and outside an enterprise
  • Create work groups
  • Prevent information leaks from disgruntled employees or third parties
  • Make it easy to comply with data protection laws
  • Take advantage of cloud-based services (Dropbox, Gmail, Google …) but in a safer way

In today’s fast-paced tech world, Prot-On is the type of service that anyone using digital storage for their documents can’t afford to overlook.

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