TradeAddresses Offers Exclusive Off-Market Properties

Founded in 1990 by a group of commercial real estate veterans, TradeAddresses has continued to expand its service offerings over the last several years, including the addition of a social media platform and by combining high-end residential real estate and commercial real estate listings.
The firm has become known in the real estate industry for making it possible to trade industrial or office space for the right space when it is made available by others who are also considering making a move; essentially allowing a real estate trade. Users of the platform are even able to trade everything in their space, including equipment and furniture, in order to save money, hassles, and time.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

In an industry that moves with incredible swiftness, businesses simply do not have time to wait around until the right property becomes available. TradeAddresses makes it possible for businesses to move with the speed necessary to meet operational needs. Most recently, TradeAddresses has begun to offer "off-market properties," which includes those properties that can only be found on the firm's websites. The platform's trade facilitators use a proprietary database in order to gain access to off-market properties and provide users with more options in terms of location, lease duration, size, and features.

Dedicated trade facilitators work to find matches for both a user's desired space as well as its current space while maintaining its anonymity. Information is provided in real time, answering a user's questions throughout the entire process. In some instances, trade facilitators are also able to work out multiparty trades in order to ensure that the needs of all parties are met in the timeliest manner.

Reducing the Risk of Being Left out in the Cold

TradeAddresses LOGOOne of the elements that set TradeAddresses apart from working with a traditional commercial real estate broker is the fact that users are able to reduce their risk of being left without a new space to move into. Traditionally, when a tenant decides to sublease a space and does not already have a tenant, the landlord retains the right to recapture that space immediately. This means that the tenant could be forced from an existing space without any recourse. TradeAddresses helps facilitate deals to ensure this does not happen.

All trade facilitators working with TradeAddresses are licensed commercial real estate agents with substantial experience in negotiating with landlords and subleasing properties. Although it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it will take to trade a space, the process used by TradeAddresses is designed to save clients both time and money.

In order to ensure the greatest amount of market exposure possible, TradeAddresses does allow users to continue marketing their property for sublease while also offering their property with the platform. In the event that a user accepts the trade offered by TradeAddresses, the client is still responsible for paying a 4 percent fee.

In an age in which businesses must move quickly to remain competitive, TradeAddresses is providing the swiftness necessary to meet evolving demands.

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