Turbo Tenant Expands Nationally

In 2015, Turbo Tenant, a technology startup, was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado. Instead of depending on archaic landlord software, the company designed and developed its own solution. Having achieved great success, the company is now expanding on a national level. As a result, landlords, as well as tenants, real estate agents, and property managers, will soon benefit from the same program.

The goal with this cutting-edge software is to forever change how the long-term rental process is viewed by both tenants and landlords. All too often, landlords face major challenges specific to managing rental properties on a long-term basis—something that Sarnen Steinbarth fully understands. Over the past decade, he has worked as both a real estate agent and landlord of more than 50 rental properties. Steinbarth knows first-hand just how difficult this process can be.

Passionate about real estate and determined to make things better, Steinbarth founded the new tech startup Turbo Tenant. Recognizing that no viable software programs existed in the market for dealing with this issue, he and a talented team of professionals put ideas together to come up with something unique and efficient. This flawless software is offered to landlords at no cost.

Steinbarth has been a landlord within the real estate industry, and also taught courses to landlords, property managers, and real estate agents pertaining to property management. He began to notice that people frequently posed technical questions about the leasing process. Identifying a distinct pattern, he understood what the market was missing. The solution: an easy-to-use software program specifically for landlords, designed and developed by landlords.

This free landlord software provides tools to real estate agents, property managers, and independent landlords for achieving success. For instance, landlords have access to an entire suite of solutions for tenant screening, online rental applications, and rental marketing strategies. Within the near future, the software will include online rental payments as well.

After creating a profile for a vacant listing within a specific property, Turbo Tenant goes to work designing flyers, creating a professional listing website, and sending the listing to the most popular online rental listing sites. In addition to these actions being performed automatically, Turbo Tenant offers additional tools for posting rental listings on Craigslist.

One of the biggest problems that landlords face is the significant age difference between themselves and tenants. By using the free online tools available from Turbo Tenant, the process for landlords to connect with tenants is streamlined.

Although the original concept of Turbo Tenant focused solely on landlords, this innovative software program now has built-in features that tenants will also find beneficial. For instance, tenants can have an online rental application completed within minutes. They can also protect personal information, and as stated, within the near future use credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks for paying rent online. With Turbo Tenant, the days of struggling with the long-term rental process are over.


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