Valuate by REFM

Have you ever spent a frustrating 15 minutes vetting operating cash flow line items between ARGUS and Excel, or struggled to model complex cash flow waterfalls using Excel? Getting an IRR lookback formula correct isn’t an easy thing to do, particularly if there is more than one LP.

Now, there’s a better way. Introducing Valuate, from REFM:

Commercial real estate sellers and investment sales brokers use Valuate to share interactive asset-level financial projections with prospective buyers of multi-tenant retail, industrial and office properties. Buyers, asset managers, lenders and appraisers use Valuate to perform quick, precise asset valuations with the provided and their own operating cash flow projections, and to model equity joint venture structures.

While ARGUS Valuation DCF is used to forecast unlevered property cash flows, the financial analyst’s typical next step is to paste the ARGUS-generated cash flows into Excel for the modeling of purchase and sale and debt and equity. Unfortunately, Excel is still the same overly time-consuming, error-prone, frustrating tool it has been since 1985.

Valuate empowers you to better perform this critical portion of your transaction financial analyses. Here is a sneak peek of several product screenshots (click to enlarge).

If you’re a financial analyst who does a lot of ARGUS runs and models investment partnership distributions on a regular basis, you gotta check it out. You can join the more than 700 to sign up for early access here.

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