Video Messaging: A New Way to Interact with Clients

We’ve talked about the benefits of using social platforms to interact with clients and build your brand, but how many of you have taken the next step and decided to use face-to-face video calls to improve your communication skillset? That’s right, video messaging.
Technology is a rapidly moving train, especially in the real estate tech world, and if you aren’t adopting free, web-based video chat services into your digital toolbox, you’re once again a step behind.

Here are three programs you should use when you’re trying to open up lines of communication with potential buyers:


Created for your iOS devices, you can make video calls from any Mac device to any other Mac device, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, or Mac computers. The good thing is that video service is automatically built-in to each of these devices. The bad is that you and your client must each have an iOS device for you to use this feature. I suppose it’s a good thing that 70 million people recently bought the iPhone 6.


A free way to make and receive video calls to anyone in the world, Skype can be used on desktop or mobile devices. Not only that, but it’s accessible on any operating system, making it one of the most useful conferencing tools available today.

Google+ Hangouts

Though more cumbersome than either Skype or FaceTime, Google created Hangouts for both iOS and Android devices. Ideal for group conferences or meetings, know that Google Hangouts have a bit of a steep learning curve. On the plus side, you can share your desktop and interact much more effectively once you do learn the system.

Three Reasons You Should Use Video Chat


Remote Clients

You’re on the run more often than not, and your clients will need access to you when it’s convenient for them. By video chatting, you’re establishing a rapport that’s more difficult to develop in texts or emails. You can also walk them through your office, prospective properties, and even introduce them to your staff to make them more comfortable.

Virtual Tours

Work. Kids. Life. There are hundreds of reasons why you and a client may not be on the same page at the same time. By using video chat, you can give clients a virtual tour of a property no matter where they are. They’ll appreciate it, and you might just benefit more in the long run

Live Testimonials

With just a click of a button you can go from simply live chatting, to recording your conversation. This is good if you’d like to get a recording of nice things buyers have to say about your service, making live notes about a property, or sharing captures moments on your website and social channels.

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