VOTE NOW! 2015 Real Estate Tech Awards

Thank you for your interest in the second annual Real Estate Tech Awards (RETAs)! Real Estate Tech News wants to honor those innovative and forward-thinking companies and individuals who have played an integral role in advancing tech in the real estate industry during 2015.

Do you know a real estate tech company, venture capitalist or professional who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding efforts in 2015?

Please cast your votes now by entering at least one (maximum of five) names in each award category below. Your votes are weighted, so please put your first choice in the first slot, and your fifth choice in the fifth slot.

1st slot = 5 points

2nd slot = 4 points

3rd slot = 3 points

4th slot = 2 points

5th slot = 1 point

The final award winners will be determined based on the popular votes received through survey results. The award winners will be announced on Monday, January 4, 2016 at

Check out the 2014 winners here: 

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Best CRE tech mobile app of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Top VC that backed one or more CRE tech companies in 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Most innovative CRE tech entrepreneur/CEO of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Best overall CRE tech site of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

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