We’ve seen the future…. of Real Estate Flyers

In 2010, Duke Long proclaimed, "Commercial Real Estate Must Kill the PDF."
YES, IT IS TIME! Why? We sit here every day and get our inbox BLASTED with how many e-mail PDF’s of property from sources all over the world? What is the point?

The time has come indeed. And if flyer.io has anything to do with it, it will be sooner, rather than later.

"How?!" you say? Well, can a PDF do this?

Include a 360° virtual tour? Nope, but Flyer.io can...
Incorporate a live Google map? Nope, but Flyer.io can...
Include a live Google Street View? Nope, but Flyer.io can...

Don't believe us? Check out a live demo, or the video above. It is pretty cool.

Flyer.io +1; PDF 0.

Trust us, we'll be keeping score...

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