Wibbitz is Changing the Way We Intake News

How many of you have the time to read this entire article? I’d hope that all of you would, but that’s simply not the case in a world dominated by easily-accessible video. And it seems that Wibbitz has taken notice and has decided not to do me any favors, either.
Wibbitz is a new text-to-video application that (albeit counterintuitive) wants to make people stop reading and start watching.

Designed for the iOS platform, Wibbitz uses algorithms that learns from user feedback and instantly turns text articles into narrated animations. How? It surfaces relevant video by creating ad hoc infographics and panning licensed images. Oh yeah, it doesn’t need any human editing, either.

Real Estate News on the Flywibbitz

According to user feedback, the service is said to boast an absurd accuracy rating of 90 percent; even retaining more of the original piece of news than you’d get from well-known aggregators and RSS feeds. Amazingly enough, it even approaches video summaries differently for different information sources, be it sports, technology, or real estate.

Once it’s compiled all the recent news data, it packages into a user-friendly video that you can watch on the fly in 90-120 second news pieces. This is slightly longer than a TV news spot, but more than two minutes shorter than the time it takes an average reader to intake and process 500 written words. If, however, you’re so inclined, you can still swipe each section to read the original article.

Out with the Old?

Wibbitz doesn’t really intend to replace reading, but they do want to offer a more convenient way to receive news on the go. The creators believe that their application will simply compliment the text versions and only be “superior” in certain situations.

But it’s definitely more than a complimentary feature. Publishers reap the rewards of having their content automatically transferred to video, and simply have to pay Wibbitz a revenue share of the ads displayed on the videos. This makes it easier both monetarily and work-wise for publishers and for Wibbitz themselves.

When it comes down to it, think of Wibbitz as a paired-down version of your broadcast news. You can line up all your real estate news into one quick, digestible video, which gives you more time to focus on the property and your clients.

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