Zenergyst Launches First Cloud-Based End-to-End Mobile Real Estate Management System

While the real estate industry has made significant strides in the past few years in terms of becoming more technologically advanced, there is still more work to be done. Zenergyst is working to disrupt the industry by introducing the first cloud-based, completely integrated, end-to-end mobile real estate management system. Up to this point, real estate professionals have relied on completely separate technology systems for CRM, email, calendar scheduling, lead generation, document storage, task tracking, transaction management, and electronic signatures.

Offering a fully integrated, yet simple-to-use mobile real estate management system, Zenergyst brings all of those tasks together in a single platform available in the cloud. It is actually the first system that manages real estate sales from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Rather than paying for technology they do not really use, real estate professionals can instead take advantage of a system they can actually put into practical use.

The platform is being launched at Inman Real Estate Connect in New York City. The event, which features a gathering of some of the most pre-eminent leaders in the real estate industry, has been responsible for launching some of the biggest brands in the real estate industry.

Zenergyst includes a wealth of features, all designed to make the day-to-day tasks of real estate professionals more streamlined. Among those services is a full-featured email system that connects email to schedules, tasks, documents, and more. Zenergyst also offers a CRM tool that allows agents to add prospects and clients quickly and easily to new marketing campaigns. Since everything is time stamped, synchronized, and trackable, agents can be assured everything is completely up to date.

A transaction management tool is also included. This fully collaborative system makes it possible for agents to interact with clients without importing or exporting. Everything is contained within the cloud for a one-stop solution.

Lead aggregation is also made easier with Zenergyst’s platform. The system offers the ability to import leads generated from any source automatically. Zenergyst also includes easy-to-use templates that make drip marketing easier. Agents can stay in touch with both prospects as well as past clients using this feature.

Also included is a calendar with task tracking. Everything that an agent could possibly need for scheduling his or her daily routine and tracking tasks is included. As a result, agents are able to stay on top of their pipeline with ease, while being assured that nothing is missed.

With more and more people now on the go, electronic signatures have become a must, and Zenergyst has fully integrated this feature into the platform. Everything is stored in a single location for maximum convenience.

Zenergyst also offers cloud storage and sharing with a secure and easy method for sharing documents, video, photos, files, and more. There is no need for clients to open a third-party account in order to access files.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that the platform offers a white label for MLS systems, brokerages, and REALTOR teams, making it possible to promote individual private brands.


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