Zurple Offers Streamlined Process for Assembling a Marketing Plan

In an ever increasingly competitive market, Zurple has recently made the list for the 2015 Best in Real Estate Tech list for Best in Marketing. Offering a solid, proven marketing plan, Zurple offers a wealth of features, include personalized, automated engagement as well as custom landing pages, paid online advertising, listing updates, and a dedicated staff for planning a pay-per-click strategy. As an end-to-end software, Zurple gives real estate professionals the ability to capture leads and convert them into clients.  

Among the most prominent benefits offered by Zurple are branded home search websites. The platform launches home search websites for every area targeted by real estate professionals. According to the company, some real estate professionals who have used Zurple have up to 10 websites on Zurple, for targeting subareas within the cities they serve. Zurple also offers search engine marketing services to ensure that agents are able to benefit from a steady flow of new leads on a monthly basis.

The company also provides agents with a complete profile for the search behavior of every lead. As a result, agents are able to begin what Zurple calls Conversations™, which is designed to encourage leads to engage. Along with telling agents the location of the lead, Zurple also reveals a wealth of other information, including the property and property types that a particular lead prefers, as well as every search the lead has performed up to that point.

Currently, Zurple utilizes patent-pending software that analyzes the behavior of leads while using algorithms to determine which leads have the greatest chances of becoming actual buyers. Zurple also utilizes this algorithm for notifying agents if a lead should happen to save a property as a favorite, view the same property multiple times, or exhibit any other type of search behavior deemed to be aggressive, and which might indicate the lead is ready to buy in the near future.

Zurple also works like a personal assistant for real estate professionals by emailing leads on behalf of agents. With this service, individual leads receive valuable, timely messages referencing specific search behavior and preferences, thus showing leads that agents are paying attention to their specific needs.

Timeliness is critical in the real estate profession. Zurple makes it easy for real estate professionals to know when the time is right to contact leads by sending out notifications that include recommendations regarding specific properties as well as market data. Armed with this information, agents have everything they need to begin a conversation that will be valuable to targeted leads.

Using a highly personalized follow-up message system, Zurple gives real estate professionals the ability to generate Conversations™ that lead to appointments to view properties. Using targeted, timely information offered by Zurple, real estate professionals are able to engage high-quality leads in a relevant, personalized manner, converting leads into appointments and leading to more closings.

Zurple reports that more than 3,500 agents around the country are now using the software to close more deals.


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