Arialgo Launches Next Generation REIT Portfolio Management Solution for Funds

Technology platform provides fully integrated, data science & machine learning driven
solution to enhance investment decision capabilities of REIT portfolio managers

June 14, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Ramat Hasharon, Israel - Arialgo Ltd ("Arialgo"), a leading REIT investment technology solution
provider, today announced the launch of its REIT Portfolio Manager, a REIT investment
management software (the “REIT Portfolio Manager”), a fully integrated, trading and investment
analysis platform, designed to enhance portfolio management performance and investment
decision capabilities for sophisticated, global institutional Real Estate and Infrastructure investors and investment managers (“PM’s”).

Following extensive user validation and testing, Arialgo's REIT Portfolio Manager supports
investors' ability to manage and analyse their REIT investments more efficiently. These investors
include mutual funds, hedge funds, family offices, public and corporate pension plans,
foundations, endowments, and insurance companies who deploy capital in liquid public real
estate securities.

"The market for data science driven solution in the U.S. and global REIT sector is underserved.
The ongoing need for unique data driven investment insights, combined with this year's rising
inflation expectations and increased capital flow into the REIT sector, has accelerated the need
for solutions that provide better transparency to REIT investors and improved investment
decisions," said Roni Appel, CEO of Arialgo. "Our REIT Portfolio Management solution was
launched to meet these needs, providing a sophisticated and holistic platform that lets REIT fund
managers and PM’s enhance their analytic capabilities, evaluate exposures and performance,
enabling them to make better and quicker investment decisions, and providing them with an edge relative to their peers."

The REIT Portfolio Manager tracks ranks and rates public REITs through its advanced data
analysis and machine learning capabilities, which analyses key data from various sources, a
heavily time-consuming task given the large amount of information received by REIT investors
every day. The REIT Portfolio Manager enables investors to track the US ARI 40 REIT Index, a
REIT following index produced by Arialgo and updated dynamically by its ranking system, as well as analyse their portfolios and individual investments to assess exposure, performance, risk and more. The solution also allows PMs to capture and asses new opportunities, and its unique
visualizations provide a tool that empowers PMs to more closely examine existing and new
opportunities in their portfolios and to obtain unique market insights.

"Having spent most of my career working with data driven organizations across North America, I
recognized the need as well as the opportunity to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end tool to
manage and track the structured and unstructured data that REIT PM’s receive from multiple
sources," said Prof. Assaf Zeevi, Co-Founder at Arialgo. "The ability to customize machine
learning and data science capabilities in combination with the unique properties of the REIT
sector has resulted in a high value solution for managers in this field. With the launch of our REIT Portfolio Manager platform, we will offer REIT investors the full, integrated suite of tools
necessary to help meet their long-term investment goals."

The REIT Portfolio Manager builds upon Arialgo’s extensive REIT investing experience, which
features a single front-to-back solution that enables the aggregation of multiple data sources.

For more information or to request a product demonstration, please

About Arialgo
Arialgo Ltd is a next generation asset management company, and a leading provider of asset
management solutions for fund managers, investors, and analysts in the REIT sector. Arialgo
was founded with the mission of bringing a world leading asset management technology to the
$1.25 trillion REIT market through economics-backed machine learning. The company offers
innovative, configurable investment software that tracks and analyses REITs, optimizing
investment decision making and streamlining processes to meet investor needs. Arialgo was
established in 2020 and is based in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

To learn more about Arialgo, please visit:

Arialgo Ltd:
Yuval Sipper, VP Business Development

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