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The Biggest Impediment To Growth In CREtech

The latest splashy headlines in CREtech tout total funding and the extraordinary proliferation of startups—both wonderful things that benefit the entire sector. A reality check is in order though. Before the hasty celebrations kick off, let’s talk about the biggest impediment to growth facing CREtech. Adoption. Scaling issues trouble many CREtech startups unless their customers fully adopt and engage with their product/solution. Nascent startups overlook the fact that many target customers simply do not have the human resources or physical infrastructure in the first place. “Tech products and services present a learning curve, as they require people to change the way they currently operate and...


  • Episode 8: Startups in the Physical World


    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GY1718P0RY&feature=youtu.be[/embed] In episode 8 of my Vlog Series, I focus on the innovation happening in the physical world of CREtech today. I sat down with four founders of some extraordinary startups who are building amazing things: Felicite Moorman, CEO, STRATIS IoT; Carl Eckert, Co-Founder & CEO, Pause; Andrew Deitchman, Co-Founder & CEO, The New Stand;...Read more

  • The Rise of the “NEW” CRE Professional


    We’re at the dawn of a revolution in commercial real estate. Transformations are coming at a level the sector has never seen before, creating disruptions that rival and even surpass the rise of Space-as-a-Service. But it won’t look quite like most people expect. Technology’s ultimate (and inevitable) impact on CRE will come down to just...Read more

  • Lack of Diversity in CREtech. My Failure. My Pledge.


    Let’s be frank: commercial real estate tech lacks diversity. If you’ve attended a CREtech conference, you have surely noticed a glaring truth: We always lack women and minorities on stage. I’m responsible for content at the largest event platform in the CRE technology industry—as someone clearly with the power to promote diversity in tech, I...Read more

  • Predictive Analytics is CRE’s Holy Grail


    You’ll hear the term “predictive analytics” (PA) used far and wide in a variety of sectors right now—business, intelligence, healthcare, and yes, commercial real estate, too. At our recent CRETech San Fran event, when we asked panelists for thoughts on the most important, impactful technology in CRE, CTOs of the largest brokerage firms universally agreed...Read more

  • The Power and Potential of Augmented Reality to Transform CRE


    Space as a Service to Catalyze Visualization Advances The visualization side of commercial real estate has remained stagnant for decades and any solutions for “space tours” never scaled. I have long been interested in understanding what has stopped CRE from embracing a head-to-toe reimagining of the property tour. It comes down to timing. Augmented Reality...Read more

  • Rethinking Brokerage in the Tech Era


    How will technology impact commercial brokerage now? Let’s talk about tech’s ultimate impact on the commercial brokerage sector. The first dialogue in this sector centered on how tech would replace the broker—42Floors was meant to upend commercial real estate. I knew it would never happen. Brokers were, and are, too entrenched. These decisions are simply...Read more

  • The Most Significant Change To The Office Sector I Have Seen In My 30 Year Career


    Space as a Service Headwinds Grow Stronger by the Day A long, long time ago... For as long as I can remember, the commercial real estate industry had five core pillars: office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and hospitality. As decades passed, each subsector of the real estate industry saw few significant changes. This stagnation was especially...Read more

  • Sax LLP Knows What They Are Talking About When It Comes To Security and Protection


    Insecurities About Security. Guilty as charged, I admit I do shit about protecting myself from viruses and theft as it relates to my digital life. I know I am not alone, and most companies are as guilty in exposing themselves to cyber vulnerabilities as their professionals. As more and more cyber thefts occur, it seems...Read more

  • Keep An Eye On RET Ventures


    John Helm is a good friend of mine. If you have met him, you can understand why (with all due respect to John) you might not have heard of him. He is humble, low key, and modest. But don’t let that calm and understated exterior fool you. John is wicked smart, incredibly connected in the...Read more