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Thank Goodness for Media Like This...

In the CREtech sector, we need all the help we can get. Investment in the industry is at record levels. It is clear that real progress is being made with many, many startups scaling yet getting the press to pay attention to us is still a challenge. And I get it. We are a small ecosystem in the tech sector and the real estate trade media focuses mostly on big deals and trends in the commercial real estate sector, overall. And then along comes Rich Berliner, CEO of Fifth Gen Media! And he’s doing exactly what we need.. trend stories, profiles, bi-lines and more. You...


  • CREtech 2018 Mid Year Industry Outlook


    What’s the pulse of CREtech right now? It’s clear things are accelerating at an incredibly fast pace with funding at historic levels, startups scaling, developers and brokers investing and the introduction of more important trends. But what’s REALLY going on? What’s happening beneath the headlines. In the trenches. On the front line. To find out,...Read more

  • The Founders... Part 2


    Part 2 is here! I hope you enjoy Part 2 of my sit down with these 5 Founders that are leading the CREtech revolution. Hear their perspectives on how they scaled, the lessons they learned along the way and where they are going next. [embed]https://youtu.be/56F8bZT3KeM[/embed] MEET THE FOUNDERS: Ryan Simonetti, CEO & Co-Founder at Convene  ...Read more

  • 24 months.


    That’s how long I think we have left in this current CREtech cycle. That’s not so say that CREtech as an ecosystem will be over. Not at all. I still think we are only in the 2nd or 3rd inning, at best, in terms of the evolution of the sector. But I think that this...Read more

  • The Founders… Part 1


    I am blessed in that I love my job. Two main reasons…1) I truly believe that we are changing an industry, which feels purposeful and 2) I get to hang out with the cool kids everyday. And when I say the “cool kids”, I mean the VC’s, the developers, the brokers and especially THE FOUNDERS...Read more

  • The Best New Media Site I Have Seen in a Long Long Time Isn’t from a Media Company…


    JLL Real Views As a perennial news junkie, I try and read as much as I can on a daily basis. I have maintained the same routine for years. I am very disciplined about it. I wake early, before my wife and kids and before the chaos of the day begins. Before the sun rises,...Read more

  • The Evolution of Data in CREtech Continues…


    The CREtech data play is clearly evolving. And fast. The first iteration of this was getting data in the open and getting it in real time. Many sites scaled on that strategy. Then it was about making it actionable. We are there now. And along comes Lyra Intel. An intelligent platform built for landlords to...Read more

  • What Startups are doing better than anyone in CRE...


    Marketing! As someone who has been in the marketing and PR space for commercial real estate for a long, long time, I have been bewildered by the lack of innovation in the sector for the past decade. It’s the same old banner ads, PR, email campaigns and more. Blah! But for the past seven years...Read more

  • THIS Is How You Scale in CREtech...


    CommissionTrac Is Clearly Going Places! One of the great joys of my job is that I get to interact daily with some really inspiring entrepreneurs. Turner Levison is someone I met a few years ago and I was immediately impressed. He came to NYC and we hung out. We talked tech, life, his vision of...Read more

  • Now This Could Be A Game Changer For The Way Space Is Shown...


    I finally found a technology that could revolutionize the way commercial space is shown… Smarter Listings by EveryScape. Having been a tenant all of my career, one of the most time consuming aspects of finding new space is the actual physical tour. I get it that it’s important but it’s such a time-suck when you’re...Read more

  • Tech Will Put These Five Jobs At Risk in CRE...


    Yes, I have become THAT guy. The one that goes around the country talking to anyone that will listen about the pending job losses and massive overhaul coming to the commercial real estate industry as a result of the extraordinary tech investments now being made in our industry. And even more importantly, as a result...Read more