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Keith Kleinmaier, CEO, Tenant Tracker  


Keith has been in the commercial real estate industry his whole life. He grew up in the industry through his family’s business and then started investing while in college and has been active ever since. He started his real estate journey in 2000 in the brokerage, property management and development sectors, as well as a being a tenant – he has basically touched all aspects in the CRE process! Not many people can say that they that kind of in depth knowledge and experience in the entire process which also give Keith a unique view on the industry.

A few years ago, Keith decided to go full time in tech which led him toTenant Tracker. Tenant Tracker simplifies Tenant Coordination for commercial real estate deals. The site makes it super easy and intuitive to track deals, manage construction status, and see detailed reports of each property. By moving the data out of spreadsheets and e-mail and into the cloud, Tenant Tracker automates many of the existing manual processes, makes accessing the tenant data a snap, and provides status reports that can easily be shared. The software easily integrate with front-end and back-end software, to allow teams to seamlessly connect data and minimize errors and duplicate entry. It’s really one of the most innovative and yet simple solutions for tracking transactions and projects I have seen.

Keith said that the most rewarding part of his journey is the people he gets to work with every day “We have a really talented and driven team and it’s an exciting process to get to work with them everyday.  We are also blessed to have already amassed a have tremendous client base, and are getting great feedback and insights daily. So hearing their pain points and then being able to turn around and provide them solutions is very rewarding.  I also love working in the CRE Tech community, we have some of the smartest, hardest working folks in business.  Sharing stories, networking, growing relationships, learning from others --- that's what it's all about!”

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