I was thrilled to have gotten so many positive comments on my most recent blog about what Buddhism has taught me in regards to approaching business. I received dozens of emails from other professionals who said they really appreciated the perspective on how to see challenges as actual opportunities. I know it’s helped me immensely.

I paraphrased a passage from a great introduction to Buddhism book, which sheds more light on the subject of overcoming challenges:

“Buddhism is daily life. Trying to learn how to see the problems and the challenges that come ceaselessly, from all directions, as opportunities to grow our lives. If you think about it for a moment, that necessarily means developing the wisdom to spot them, and the courage to grab onto them, because exploiting opportunities inevitably means changes, and change takes courage. 

The Buddhism argument essentially is that they, “problems”, are not going to stop coming. The only part of the equation over which we have control is our approach to those problems. Buddhism suggests that the key is to have a radical new approach to train and acquire that difference of perspective.”

I hope this is helpful and perhaps even gives you a new perspective on overcoming the continuous roadblocks that come our way as entrepreneurs or business professionals.

And for another good intro book, I really enjoyed this one.