Vishu Ramanathan, CEO, Buildout


Few startups have been as successful as Buildout, THE end to end marketing, listing and property information site. I am a huge fan of theirs and their CEO, Vishu Ramanathan. And obviously I am not alone. Just check out who is using the site…Cushman and Wakefield, SVN International, Avison and Young, Colliers, Coldwell Banker Commercial and virtually every leading brokerage firm in the industry. Why? Because they understand the broker marketing process as well as anyone in the industry. Just ask TCN Worldwide how they view Buildout

Here is an excerpt from an article our sister site, Real Estate Tech News, wrote about them which explains exactly why they have been so successful… 

"Ramanathan and his business partner Jason Tillery started Buildout with a $300,000 seed investment in 2013, and since then, the company has rapidly grown from three employees to more than 35. Ramanathan and Tillery attribute this growth to their deep understanding of the needs of their clients and the CRE industry as a whole.” 

“Before we even started developing Buildout, we spent months embedded in brokerages, just trying to understand their pain points,” Ramanathan said. “That time helped us to conceive of and create a product that is truly a game changer for CRE.”

That approach remains an integral part of Buildout’s strategy. Ramanathan and his team still spend a great deal of time examining tech trends, considering how they will impact the industry and talking to brokers and brokerages about what they’re struggling with. Their goal is to stay ahead of the curve and keep presenting new solutions to the challenges brokerages face.

What's really cool about Buildout is how their software uses each client's brand’s blueprints to automatically populate their documents with property information and graphics creating and updating flyers, brochures, OMs and proposals in a seamless, efficient manner and with minimal input needed from the client. To me, that's the future of commercial real estate marketing. And Buildout is just getting started. Check out how they are integrating with other sites to really creating a single point of communications and marketing here.

If it seems I am impressed with Vishu and his team it’s because I am! I also love what they are doing to educate the industry on tech trends. To me, that's real leadership! The commercial real estate tech sector continues to evolve and it won’t be easy or a clear shot for most of the sites out there but one I would absolutely bet on is Buildout. Solving broker pain points, and especially in the marketing sector, is a smart strategy and they seem to have the talent, resources, capital and tools to win! I for one am betting they will!

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