Elizabeth Redmond, CEO, CoWorkr 


Courtesy of my friend Mark Kennedy, I had the pleasure of connecting with Elizabeth who has a really smart new technology called CoWorkr. The site grew out of her passion for sustainability and smart design. CoWorkr's core product uses bluetooth sensors to collect data on workplace activity and help companies assess the efficiency of their real-estate portfolio.

I learned from Elizabeth how her company's sensors can help companies save tremendous amounts of money by eliminating undersized spaces. In fact, Elizabeth told me that vacant desks cost a company $10k-$18k/desk per year. Crazy amount of waste! CoWorkr's software is used to analyze trends, peaks, vacancy, and average activity to help them eliminate idle real estate and design around how their employees work. She and her team have built a fast growing, prestigious client base across the globe to better utilize their space in the present and to better plan for the future. Smart stuff for sure!

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