Inayat Walli, Founder; Dealius


Connected recently with Inayat, a very successful software developer, who has built a really smart deal tracking tool for investment sales and leasing professionals. is a one stop shop for brokers to monitor all of their deals in their pipeline and collaborate and communicate with their internal teams. While the site took two years to develop, when you view the dashboard it’s one of the cleanest, simplest and easy to navigate tools I have seen. The benefits are clear…less paperwork, less document sharing and real time insights on every deal a broker is working on. Dealius was designed to automate the entire transaction process and broker management within commercial real estate companies. Inayat and his team have built something that is great as a SaaS product for brokerage firms to use within their companies. Really powerful stuff. If you are a brokerage firm looking for a tool to help your professionals track and manage their deal flow, check

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