Digsy AI


Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder, Digsy Ai


Got caught up with Andrew, one of my favorite CRE tech characters (and I mean that in a good way as anyone who knows Andrew knows the dude has passion for what he is doing). Really impressed with the big vision Andrew and his team have and all the progress they continue to make. Andrew gave me an overview of their just released, new and easy to use prospecting platform which helps brokers convert prospects into deals with less manual effort. The system automates tasks such as data entry, email tracking with less clicks and mental effort. One of the parts of Andrew’s business I like best is their emphasis on content and education. They are investing a lot of time and money on helping to educate brokers on best sales practices that can significantly enhance their sales performance. Can check it all out and some recent incentives at www.digsy.ai . A lot of talk in the industry about AI, well Digsy is actually doing it. Congrats to Andrew and his team on continuing to push the envelope in the CRE tech sector.


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