Cindy McLaughlin, CEO, Envelope


It's almost impossible not to like Cindy. We met recently on a rainy day at The Standard Hotel for coffee. Had a really nice connection with her from the beginning! But under that charming, funny, self depreciating and down to earth exterior lies a wicked smart and driven entrepreneur. Just look at her background and education...MITShop Architects - one of the leading firms in the world, on the Board of the Brooklyn Children's Museum, long time volunteer in education and on and on. Pretty impressive stuff.

Envelope has been recognized as one of the most innovative start ups in the real estate space. Developed while at Shop and now spun out as a separate company that Cindy owns and runs, Envelope's 3D web app helps urban real estate industry professionals visualize and run scenarios on development potential under zoning. It's currently only available in NYC but with their recent big funding round, I would look for them in a city near you soon after their official launch later this year. This hot startup also just won the MIPIM Global Startup Competition.

As the real estate industry begins to wake up to the power of 3D, sites like Envelope, will really begin to gain traction. It allows companies to run a variety of sophisticated development net scenarios based on zoning rules and visualize them on the go. Imagine possibilities for developers, municipalities and cities across the world using this powerful tool. Clearly Cindy does and I am betting on her to succeed in building that vision!

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