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Fast Office


Bob Koncelik, Partner, Fast Office


Bob reached out to introduce me to his site, What’s so cool about his site is that it’s part of what I think is one of the fastest growing and hottest sectors of the CRE tech space…space visualization. Fast Office is a platform that is designed to provide commercial landlords and brokers with a tool to lease space faster and more effectively. Their tool merges the space tour and test-fit process by providing editable, 3D animation clips of available spaces.

These tours enable tenants to visualize the proposed space, how they fit into this space and what the total cost of a project will be. Their system also provides a streamlined system for the procurement and ordering of the furniture & flooring shown in the 3D animated tours. Bob previously spent a lot of time in the moving and storage side of the business so I think he clearly understands some of the pain points he and his team are trying to solve.

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