Five Things I Learned From My #TALKSHOP Live With Mark Gilbreath

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Mark Gilbreath, CEO and Founder of last week and we had a good time talking about commercial real estate tech and his site during our #TALKSHOP Live discussion. Mark is honestly one of the most impressive startup founders I have met in my six years or so in this space.

Here are five of the main things that I learned about Mark and his site…

He built the “AirBnB” of short term, flexible office space. Really! It’s perhaps the most impressive platform I have seen in the space to date.His site has the potential to have enormous scale. Because it is a platform, like AirBnB, Lyft, Uber, Twitter, etc… the scale of the site is only limited by the amount of people that use it. In that regard, it has enormous growth potential because it can accommodate huge amounts of listings and users.Building a successful site like LiquidSpace is hard work but Mark is built for that. Most people don’t understand what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. It’s a “grind” that few are equipped to handle for the long term. As someone who has built a company from the ground up, I know as well as anyone how hard building from scratch is. Mark clearly has the entrepreneurial chops.Reid Hoffman was one of his first investors. WOW!And most important to me, he is a decent, kind and humble guy. When you meet Mark, you can’t help but like him!

If you are a broker, tenant or landlord, I would encourage you to connect with Mark and learn more about

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