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Jonathan Eskow, Co-Founder & COO, LeasePilot


Had a great chat with Jon about his new site. Jon has the professional journey that I so admire and respect. Left a lucrative career in real estate law to follow his passion and build a really cool new startup called

The whole concept of LeasePilot is centered around helping to close deals faster for brokers and owners. The site grew out of Jon’s experience working on deals and seeing how inefficient and painfully slow they can be to close. And so LeasePilot was born to combine customized document generation and editing features, streamlined workflow tools, integration capabilities and reporting. LeasePilot also uses a company’s own lease forms so every lease is tailor-made for each customer. The site services retail, office and industrial clients. Jon and his team have raised some serious money from big time investors so I would totally keep my eyes on them. Really innovative stuff.

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