LinkedIn vs. Twitter?

I am newcomer to Twitter -- my team at @TNF_RE and my friend @JNeuer19  have been all over it for years. I have been, however, a regular user of LinkedIn for a very long time.
It’s pretty obvious which network I prefer...

First of all, I know that each site is different and offers different things. And to me, that’s a clear distinction of why I am more active on one than the other.

Secondly, I have very specific reasons why I am active on these sites. My real goal is NOT to look for a job, but to promote my brand and connect with professionals that I want to learn from and hopefully engage in business opportunities with. So for me, it’s about content and connectivity.

And with that in mind, it’s no contest…TWITTER IS SO MUCH MORE USEFUL THAN LINKEDIN!

I have always been driven by the philosophy of doing one thing, doing it well, and do it over and over and over again.

I remember when I first started my PR firm, we were a full-service marketing agency. And you know what, we were really good at it for a while...until we started to suck! The reason was that it’s just really, really hard to do a lot of things well. Ultimately, something begins to suffer. When I decided to pivot and focus just on PR for real estate, we crushed it :) I built an awesome team and together we built something truly great (I may be a little biased though).

So when I started my newest venture, a content marketing and news curation platform for real estate, I knew I was going to focus on doing one thing well. And we are still trying to do that every single day.

The main reason I prefer Twitter is because they are focused on one thing…news. I check my Twitter feed a few times a day and am always finding great content. And it’s targeted to what I want to read and discover. Granted, I think Twitter is still very challenging to use, and I am not alone in that regard, it's still a great tool to use for real estate professionals to stay informed with relevant news as it happens.

As far as LinkedIn, I do post my own content regularly, but I don’t use it as a news source. It’s not focused. It’s full of crap I don’t care about, like inspirational quotes, people’s political views and personal messages. I also hate HATE being solicited so often by people I just connected with. And that’s the problem - it has no filter. And the site tries to be all things to all people and that simply doesn’t work in my opinion. Again, do one thing, and do it well. What is LInkedIn these days anyway? A jobs site? A networking tool? A news tool? I think they are trying to be all those things and that’s where they start to lose people.

Check out this really insightful study for more analysis of LinkedIn’s core issues of engagement….

Do one it, study it, perfect it.

In that regard, I think Twitter has a better shot at being a useful tool for business professionals than does LinkedIn.

Would love others perspectives...

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