Mike’s Weekly Picks: My 6 Favorite RE Tech Reads…

Here are my favorite Real Estate Tech reads from this past week. Happy reading!

Finally! A Different Kind Of #CRE Education.

Blog - Duke LongIt started as most things do, a conversation, a suggestion, a phone call and a meeting all with my good friend Jim Baker.

Getting Tech Buy-In From Your CRE Team: Gen X vs. Millennial

Blog - REThink

Whether you’re implementing a new brokerage-wide CRM or want to change your listing presentation to an interactive solution for iPad, any new technology can cause ruffled feathers if you don’t do your part to encourage buy-in from your team. This gets even more complicated as our workforce continues to change and the differences between Millennials and Gen X’ers become more apparent.

5 smartphone apps every CRE broker needs to use

Blog - Apto

Your smartphone can be a thing of beauty. Luckily, it can also be a thing of productivity, especially for busy commercial real estate brokers.

Don’t Game Me: Tech-Savvy Customers are Done With Online Manipulation

Blog - Jon Schultz

The Internet is a wonderland of opportunity, and users are subject to an ever-intensifying demand for their attention. In order to emerge from the sea of potential connections, retailers and business may resort to less than ethical practices. These tactics use our own psychological tendencies to hijack our attention online.  As we all become more accustomed to this treatment, will we become less susceptible?

How Technology Is Revolutionizing CRE Investing

Blog - NREI 

Commercial real estate investing is a growing industry where personal relationships are pivotal—and these relationships are commonly built via face-to-face meetings and document-heavy correspondence. Sponsors and investors have typically exchanged information through low-tech and high-touch channels, without a great reliance upon technology.

Is Business Process Outsourcing Relevant for Your CRE Business?

Blog - Integrand Analytics

The convergence of technology and globalization has changed the way that we do business. Every industry —from healthcare to automotive to commercial real estate— has been impacted as new opportunities in the global marketplace continue to emerge. One resulting trend is business process outsourcing (BPO).

Have I missed anything? Feel free to reach out to me at michael@thenewsfunnel.com with your favorite RE Tech articles for this week. I am always looking for new content to read! 

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