Colin Wiel, Co-founder, Mynd


Thanks to my friend Rich Boyle , Principal, Canaan Partners, one of the top VC's in tech, I got the chance to meet Colin and his CEO and co-founder, Doug Brien, on a recent trip to SF. Their new site is bringing technology to a very non tech part of the business, property management. They are currently serving the SF market only but with their recent funding I would expect them to make a huge presence in many markets across the country in the near future. For a great read on what they are doing and what has inspired their name, check out Doug's post here.

Colin and I were able to grab lunch on another visit I made to SF on the day of our big event and I was as impressed by him, his background and track record as I was for their plans for the site. Here are Colin’s and Doug’s bios I lifted from their site…

"Colin Wiel holds multiple patents in artificial intelligence, has redefined Boeing’s control systems, and has launched his own programming consulting firm. Prior to being Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO of Mynd, Colin was Co-Founder and CIO of Waypoint Homes, now Starwood Waypoint (NYSE: SWAY), and grew the company to be the second largest SFR real estate investment trust (REIT), managing 17,000+ homes across the country. He was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, and Goldman Sachs Top 100 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in 2012. "

And here is Doug’s, not too shabby either…

"Doug Brien is endlessly curious about property management innovation and passionately committed to building solutions for the real estate arena. Prior to being Co-Founder & CEO of Mynd, he was CEO of Starwood Waypoint Homes, (NYSE: SWAY), and grew the company to 500+ staff members, managing over $3 billion in rental properties across the country. He was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, and Goldman Sachs Top 100 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in 2012. Doug is a former NFL placekicker who won the Super Bowl XXIX championship as part of the San Francisco 49ers in 1994."

And so while I normally focus on the actual sites of the startups I visit, with regards to Colin and Doug, I wanted to write about THEM. I have been writing a lot lately in my blog about how the caliber of people continually coming into the real estate tech scene is really exciting. I am regularly meeting people with incredibly diverse business, financial and backgrounds. And this is a great thing for the sector.

What's so impressive about Colin and Doug ARE THEIR BACKGROUNDS! They are big time tech. They have hugely impressive track records in real estate and are now focused on one of the less sexier aspects of the business. Typically in tech, that's where the biggest monies are made. Where people aren't looking. But where technology can make a huge difference. UBER and Lyft are those types of companies. I think is going to be one as well.

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