On the Startup Road with CommissionTrac


Turner Levison, CEO, CommissionTrac


Talk about high energy and passion, my man Turner exudes this and more! I had the great pleasure of meeting him at our SF event and was really impressed. Tuner and his team are focused on the commission accounting side of the residential and commercial business. Their product automates the manual and tedious parts of the leasing business so brokers can focus on closing deals and servicing clients. Their products allow you to Instantly capture, account and report on all things commissions.



What's so cool about CommissionTrac is they are the only software solution I have found that has an actual team of virtual bookkeepers that are standing by to do a broker's own data entry. To me that's really amazing. If you are a broker, how do you NOT use this tool. Best of all, you can use their tools from anywhere, with any device. You just need to log in and see your dashboard or run reports, whenever and wherever. Secure, mobile and user friendly. Now that's how you build a compelling product.

I think turner and his team are onto something. They are focused on the brokers back office. Making it more efficient, more analytic and ultimately, a more efficient time management tool for busy professionals. That to me is how to solve a problem in the real estate sector.

Check out my recent #TALKSHOP with Turner here.


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