Part Two: Are we just talking to each other? Maybe that’s actually ok and a good thing!

Yesterday I wrote about how we need the real estate industry at large (specifically the commercial side of the business), to get more involved in the tech sector. To embrace it. Invest in it. Support it.This is not to say they aren’t, but they certainly aren’t embracing it in massive quantities. At least, not yet. This topic forced me to think deeper into what's really going on.  Is this truly the case?  I ended up questioning my own narrative as a result. I decided to go for a deeper dive into some of the marketing content that I really love and get inspired by. I did this with the intention that it would help me understand how tech movements and adoption really take shape.One of my favorite thought leaders on that topic is Seth Godin. Brilliant guy. Highly original thinker. So I re-listened to his Ted-Talk on his whole concept of “Tribes”. It made total sense. What we should be thinking about is how to attract the “true believers” in order to start our movement.And we have. And we are doing just that."True believers start a movement."... I love that!So in that sense we are exactly where we should be. Those that believe in CRE tech are doing worthy work. And if we embrace each other and each others work, the rest will follow!As Seth says, "1000 true believers leads to 10,000 true believers" etc...And now a quote one of my favorite all time philosophers... Joe DirtSo here is to the true believers!P.S. - I still think the industry at large needs to get more engaged!!!!!

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