Jim Young, Founder and CEO, Realcomm Conference Group


In the commercial real estate tech world, Jim Young is THE MAN! I don’t know of anyone else that has been in CRE tech for as long as Jim, nor do I know anyone who has had as much influence in the sector as well. His Realcomm conferences are the largest and most impactful in the industry. Jim has a background in tech and real estate so he understands the space as well as anyone. We spoke at length about the history of CRE tech and the various market cycles Jim has witnessed.

Since my focus in CRE tech has been over the past five years or so, we spent a lot of time on the current market cycle and both concluded we are at the tail end of a period of explosive growth in the number of start ups on the scene and how we think this period will shake out. Jim has an amazing chart  on his website which really gives great insight into the history of CRE tech. Jim was kind enough to invite me to participate in a panel on his upcoming conference in San Diego on June 14-15

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