Yan Khamish, Managing Director, Commercial, Ten-X


Met up with my good friend Yan in his New York office the other day. We talked about the growth of the Ten-X platform and in particular, the deals getting done on their site. Amazing how much progress they have made just the past few months. A big part of Yan’s job is broker outreach and getting more industry professionals to see Ten-X as a value-add tool to get deals done faster, smarter and reach new potential buyers/sellers. Of all the “startups”, Ten-X has the marketing muscle and resources to be in the game for the long haul and to really come out with some innovative tools to help the industry embrace technology in ways not seen before.

Yan also spent a few minutes bragging how he kicked Anthony Bourdain’s butt in some kind of fancy wrestling thing he does :)

Always enjoy spending time with Yan, one of the nicest, smartest and hardest working guys in the CRE tech space.

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