The Next Big Thing in CRE Tech…

I have written a lot about the important impact that technology has had in the real estate sector. I find that the most profound aspect is how everything is now open, transparent and readily available. You can literally access any type of content, data or information within seconds!

The playing field is now level.

Amazing. This is so different than just a few years ago when information was the biggest competitive advantage you had as a real estate professional. And as a result, companies that are building out these open platforms are growing and scaling very successfully.

But I also started to think that maybe there is also a downside to all of the enormous amount of content and information.

Maybe it's just too much info? Maybe the ability to broadcast ALL of your own information, content, products and services to the EVERYONE creates less effective targeting and ultimately, poorer results.

Perhaps then the next big thing is the reverse of this trend?

"The Private Network"... Closed… Targeted… A "Funnel" :)

A private network for whatever you’re trying to do. Whether you are marketing a property or want to connect with someone.

But I wondered, is it more effective?

And then I saw it in action. The team at Brevitas is building just that. A closed, targeted private network.

My friend Duke Long has talked about these guys for a while.

I met them and was really impressed and it made me think that they are onto something really important.

The Private Network… Maybe it is the next big thing.

Makes total sense to me.


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