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I often write about what my ideas are regarding technology and real estate. So what’s my expertise in this matter? Probably not that much. I ran a PR firm that specialized in real estate for twenty five years (yes I am that old). Then in 2011, I launched my own site to help real estate professionals get the news they want and to help companies distribute their news. And I read a lot. And I talk to a lot of folks in the business. So I guess I have some experience and knowledge on the subject.

But for as much (or as little) knowledge as I may have, there are a ton of people who have more experience and expertise than me. And they are the actual people who work in the trade! The users...brokers and developers.

So I asked a few of my respected friends and colleagues the question:

“If you only used one tech site what would that site do?”

And here are their answers… kinda revealing…

“We are looking for technology that can digest and analyze disparate sets of data and potentially add in new types of data to be better understand and optimize the company.”

— Skyler Fernandes, Managing Director, Simon Venture Group

“The one solution would be the acceptance by commercial real estate brokers that MANY tech solutions can help them provide better service to their customers and clients.”

— Jay Olshonsky, President, NAI Global

“I would love a solution to simplify and organize the transaction process, one that is sympathetic to both tenant and landlord and therefore mutually agreed upon. It also needs to provide transparency to my client.”

— Jak Churton, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Easy. Lead generation. Nuff said.”

— Allen Buchanan, Principal, Lee & Associates

“I want ONE place for everything and VTS is headed in that direction. However, the danger is that, as we have discussed in the past, is that it’s hard to be the best at EVERYTHING. I want one tool to interface with clients, help me manage my time and tasks, generate proposals, perform financial analysis, pick up my dry cleaning, and feed the kids. The game changer on the landlord side will be a tool that will enhance the community within office buildings. WeWork has built a $16b valuation based not on a great looking shared office space, but based on their focus on community. Landlords are adding amenities to their buildings to improve the tenant experience and the next step is the right tool to enhance the engagement between tenants. When that happens, tenants will clamor to be in those buildings where their businesses can thrive, the same way some companies clamor to be in WeWork spaces.”

— Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President, CBRE

“When an update is made to either one of our third-party property databases or our property internal database, that the change is synchronized in all three and then synced to our broker’s mobile devices. Right now, we have to make three changes, two to outside parties and one internally.”

— Nick Spadavecchia, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Bussel Realty

“Today, the holy grail, would be the ability to integrate and work within/across multiple platforms, for us specifically, MRI, Argus Enterprise and MSFT CRM, with a highly friendly User Interface, that is utilizing one data set across all of our properties, individually or rolled up in any combination, permutation conceivable.”

— Daniel M. Taub, President, DLC Management

“I’d love a tech solution that would help us attract viable leads for prospects needing short-term rental of in-line spaces in neighborhood centers.”

— Kristen Moore, SVP, Marketing, Brixmor

“There are so many exciting technology-based solutions in the ecosystem, but I am often overwhelmed by tech-functionality and underwhelmed by the availability of boots-on-the-ground. Specifically, I’d love to have a tool that helps organize and facilitate event planning while also providing support for implementation from real people.”

— Emily Ford, Senior Marketing Manager, Regency Centers

“A software like Outlook with on one or two screens on your desktop providing more information that could be organized such as contacts and calendars as well as other frequently needed data (market info, etc).”

— Jon Mikula, Senior Managing Director, HFF

“I would like a personal webpage that would aggregate all of my social media platforms for business and personal use including content and analytics in an easy to read format.”

— Cherilyn Megill, CRX, CMD, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Phillips Edison & Company

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