If you read and enjoyed my recent blog on how I use the study of Buddhism to change my outlook on challenges at work, here is another good read. This WSJ article discusses the findings of a recent stress and anxiety study. It's about how to see stress differently and learning how to harness it into something more positive and even as a powerful advantage.

>> http://www.wsj.com/articles/use-stress-to-your-advantage-1431700708

I can totally relate to this personally. I remember my first big speech as a young exec. It was at a charity organization gala that I was chairman of. I remember being so nervous that my speech was really negatively impacted as a result. After a few more bombs, I realized that I spent so much energy trying to calm myself down during the speeches, that I was actually making it worse. And no one wants to see a speaker deliver a flat, calm and monotone speech!

My breakthrough was just as this article stated. I figured out how to use my nervous energy as a positive thing and would tell myself how excited I was before every speech. After a while it just became natural and I was able to not only get more comfortable with my public speaking, but actually sought out as many opportunities as I could.