Young brokers…”Don’t worry, be happy”

If I was a young broker (in fact... if I was just friggin' young), I would be freaking out about all the changes that technology is bringing to the business world. But in reality, it is highly likely that I wouldn’t even be thinking along those lines. Today’s up and coming workforce is so conditioned to change, technology and disruption that someone of my generation just cant even relate to it!Many people comment that the industry is changing and it’s not going to be the place to make money like in the “good old days". They say that the changes taking place today will make it much harder to make the big bucks than in the years past. How it’s just an industry for young people, as a result. I actually hear that stuff a lot.

I call “BULLSHIT!” 

I say change is good.

I say that without change, industries die!


So, here are two articles I pieced together to form this short narrative…With New Tech, Brokers To Become Advisers, Not Salesmen


Advice for Young Brokers From Me - Find Your Job SecurityWhat they both reflect is that if you are a young broker, you will have a great career in commercial real estate... IF

you recognize the forces of change in the industry that are being driven by technologyyou use the tools you have grown up with to service your clients/relationships more efficientlyyou become the tech leader and first adopter in your company

Man, I wish I was 22 again and entering this business (not really, I really love my life just the way it is) for it is wide open with opportunity!


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