BackToWork Solutions is Pleased to Announce COVID-19 Antibody Testing has Begun

Have I already had COVID-19 exposure?  Am I now potentially immune?

Bridgewater, NJ, April 26th, 2020:  BackToWork Solutions’ high-volume employee antibody testing process is up and running! Employers are now providing their employees a potential path to reclaim their lives and return back to work.

Testing for immunity is live today for those with a prescription. Quest launched COVID-19 antibody testing this past week, expecting capacity at 4.5MM tests per month with results turned around in days.   Abbott is delivering 4MM+ kits this month  and ramping up to 20MM kits per month beginning in May. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, COVID-19 antibody testing may indicate that "the person has been exposed to the virus and developed antibodies against it, which may mean that person has at least some immunity to the coronavirus."  This answers the questions we are all asking ourselves – Have I already had COVID-19 exposure?  Am I now potentially immune?


As with N95 masks, gloves and important household items, demand is expected to be strong for antibody testing. Expediency is critical in obtaining antibody test access. BackToWork offers a digital prescription process capable of assessing thousands of individuals per day via a TeleMedicine team lead by Dr. David Boguslavsky who remarked “This opportunity gives companies a way to control their own destiny and lead their workforce with data rather than guessing when it is time to return to work.” The process is quick, convenient and can efficiently serve thousands of employees per day. Employees will find their TeleMedicine doctor consultation as easy as attending a video conference meeting with colleagues. Employees are then issued instructions to provide a blood sample convenient to them based on their geography and preferences. With test results in hand, employees will be equipped to make confident, well-informed decisions regarding their day to day activities and their return back to work.

Dr. Boguslavsky added “Antibody test results are critical to informing employees how to intelligently live their lives be it deciding to visit their elderly parents or choosing when to return to work. Employer testing offers are therefore being met with no small amount of gratitude.”

On a final note, there is, unfortunately, tremendous variability in terms of the quality of the testing available. Best data at this point suggests that the rapid tests starting to pop up at urgent care centers and beyond are not accurate enough to offer actionable data. Boguslavsky says: “To obtain antibody testing with sufficient accuracy, it is essential to obtain it from large commercial laboratories such as Quest. The rapid inexpensive tests, not approved by the FDA, are simply not accurate enough.”

About BackToWork SolutionsBackToWork Solutions is a COVID-19 pandemic inspired healthcare start-up leading the way to deliver a risk-based, data-driven approach for companies and their staff to plan their return back to work via high volume antibody testing.  For more information, please visit or contact:


Ann Kearns

BackToWork Solutions



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